Seattle, Washington

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Seattle Washington sits at one of the most beautiful spots in the United States. Occupying a narrow isthmus between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, it is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, with four million people calling the area home. Seen from above, carpets of evergreen trees, pristine blue waters, and snowy white mountains surround the downtown's metallic skyscrapers, earning the city its nickname The Emerald City.

On the ground, you will find a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Next to the progressive downtown and the freewheeling feel of Capitol Hill, you can find a laid-back atmosphere in the districts to the north and ethnically diverse neighborhoods to the south. The many restaurants, coffee shops and microbreweries are worth indulging in after a day spent strolling through the city's many parks and beaches or admiring the arts and architecture. And just outside the hectic city are snow-covered mountains, evergreen forests, and stunning coastline to explore. Even for the bold and the adventurous, it's hard to get enough of Seattle.

Places to Eat[edit]

Here are some of the neighborhoods, with interesting places to eat.


Scandinavian community northwest of the city, known for breweries and condos.

Capitol Hill[edit]

The heart of the party, northeast of downtown.

  • The Pine Box has a great selection of local brews and imports on tap, set in an old funeral home.
  • Knee High Stocking is a Speakeasy-themed bar in an unmarked corner space offering small plates & a lengthy cocktail lineup.

International District[edit]

If you're looking for Asian cuisine, look no further.

U District[edit]

The area around UW.

  • Shultzys is close to campus and has a decent selection of drinks at reasonable prices. The fries are worth coming back for. Here's the menu.

North Seattle[edit]

North of Greenlake.

  • Mekong Village serves a lot more than just pho. Dishes like fish sauce chicken wings, hu tieu, and banh chuoi nuong can be found here.